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Clear, home distilled pálinka

Clear fruitbrandies are prepared in Hungary and Northern Hungary. Seriatim and two-stepped production is typical of the Hungarian pálinka. Distillation and rectification stage is the base of all spirits.

Sweet pálinka

Pálinka was flavoured with sugar and honey was consumed mainly by Ladies. The land of origin is Göcsej and the land of Őrség.
Not accidentally many of today’s beverage manufacturers use the name of „liqueur factory” as formerly consumption of liqueur-like drinks was more than 50% of the hard staff consumption.

Fruit-bedded pálinka

This pálinka is originated from the south-eastern part of the Carpathian Basin. We know two types: winter-bed / old bed pálinka on dried fruits and herbs, and summer-bed / fresh bed pálinka matured on fresh fruits.
While old pálinka has full-bodied, ancient, fresh has lighter, smooth flavour.

Herb pálinka

In old times herb pálinka was almost as significant as sweet pálinka. Rosemary, tarragon, basil, chamomile and coriander were summarized with pálinka. Herb pálinka generally originated from highlands (we have written documents from the middle part of the Carpathian Basin). While they are still very popular and determinant in Croatia, they almost disappeared from the Hungarian market.

„Bandits are in the night, their heart gleams as the distiller’s copper cauldron.”
Gábor Koncz