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Hungarian spirits

Considering the aroma richness of certain fruits – similar to wine countries – there are places in Hungary with outstanding conditions. Currently the most outstanding areas are -

Békési Plum-pálinka

Made of red plum from the Körös valley with age-old traditions of home-distilled technique. Golden colour, excellent flavour by the wood barrel maturation.

Gönczi Apricot pálinka

This pálinka with special fragrance and rich fruit content is prepared from Gönczi Hungarian apricot from this excellent cropland,whereby signifacantly differs from apricot pálinka of other regions.

Kecskeméti Apricot pálinka

This world famous pálinka is produced of apricot grown in the neighbourhood preserving the rich flavour and fragrance of the fruit.

Szabolcsi Apple pálinka

From this special, high quality apple a fresh, fruit-flavoured and fragranced, delicious pálinka is produced with the traditional distillation on a copper pot.

Szatmári Plum pálinka

This pálinka is an outstanding celebrity and welcome drink of Szatmár-Bereg region from ages – concentrated fruit-content maturated in wood barrel.

Other spirits

Let’s talk about juniper as one of the basic materials of pálinka. In Northern Hungary pálinka is prepared from the berries of Juniper tree (Baccoe Jinperi) These berries contain sufficient amount of sugar and some volatile oil. We bruise berries with water, then ferment sugar and distill the developed alcohol. This pálinka contains 40-60% ethyl alcohol, small amount of juniper oil, which gives its unique flavour. This spirit is used as medicine as well.

„Pálinka, who drinks from it, will be a year younger with every gulp.”
Gábor Koncz