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Pálinka Promenade on the Vigadó Square


Quality, with a measure – sounds the motto of the program (organized already 4. times) on the Vigadó square in Budapest. The devotees of pálinka can taste the noble nectars of 20 exhibitors throughout from afternoon 25. September until late night 27. September – begun with apple- and elderberry- through black berry- until red currant- and cornel pálinka. The initiated are able to recognise a fragrance streaming from the tulip glass already, what kind of fruit the distillate was made of. Would you try it? Surely only with a measure – with the quality won’t be any problem on the Pálinka Promenade.

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„I cannot write a cheerful poem, I smile rarely, I drink often, I am choking all my griefs into pálinka.”
Gábor Koncz