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Fight for the usage of the word „pálinka”

It is an interesting anecdote from the European Union negotiations: the next discussion happened between Romanian and the Hungarian delegation's leader fought for the usage of the word „pálinka”,.

To the question who can justify his own point of view how – from what word and from which country’s language derives the word, and which country would have the right to use this word - the representative of Hungarian Ministry's of Foreign Affairs opened the explanatory concise dictionary of the Romanian language, where the next explanation was for palincă: „The palincă with a Hungarian origin, from fruit alcoholic beverage is made with fermentation and distillation.” The European Union panel considered the question decided, since pálinka can be only Hungarian, if the Romanians themselves call the drink with a Hungarian origin. So Hungary obtained the right to use the word „pálinka”.

Source: Wikipedia



„A bottle of pálinka there’s no one to drink it, I drink it to be cheerful, and never grow old.”
Gábor Koncz