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Why is pálinka good?


The pálinka is suitable for the sterilisation because of his tall alcohol content. Thanks to its antibacterial characteristics, it destroys the bacteria, fungus, viruses promptly, or reduces its activity. Its porencontracting effect provides protection for our organization. The combination of the antiseptic selected by chance on the internet the successor: alcohol, water, glycerine, condenser substance, perfume, colour stabilizer, vitamins.



Good pálinka can be prepared only from excellent stock, so with full ripening, flavour-rich, healthy fruits, with hygienic processing, directed fermentation and careful separation in the course of the distillation. So prepared pálinkas preserve the fresh fragrance, flavour of the fruits. The fruit fragrances are recognisable with a closed eye, and the time travel may set off into the summer, autumn orchard already. What's this, if not aromatherapy (with trendy word)? The consumer relaxes due to the fragrances, his daily tiredness slips away, the sense of the flavours refreshes him with pleasant memories. Pálinkas like that is possible to sample, his excessive consumption himself the drink gives an inhibitory mark, from the good is a few enough. But modest pálinkas (Hungarian says: pálinka, that breaks the fence") poured "behind the collar" (drunk quickly) is possible to tolerate.


Stress solution, appetite-stimulating, cardiac disease

In a company, with friends few drinks taken at the time of occasions with a stress relieving effect, including digestion - helping in the suitable diet. The improvement of the digestion, the solution of the stress contribute to the development of the good general condition, the cholesterol, reduces the risk of the heart- and vascular system illnesses, and reduces the fat level of the blood. South Carolinian Medical University experiments proved it, that with the measure consumers are healthier, more balanced, cardiac diseases differing at them may take shape with a smaller chance as their companions rejecting the alcoholic drinks totally. Of course this not a reason to start drinking...

In Hungary was usual gulping down a morning dram, it did not do harm possibly to them who made strong physical work and got hard breakfast. Onto the empty stomach, tall alcoholic beverages consumed as an aperitif not only ruin the stomach, but their destruction sites are attained in the organization getting into the bloodstream soon. The pálinka can work in empty stomach, beside the low blood-sugar level maybe appetizing, but anyway the organization damaging, destructiveness too. The acceptable consumer place of the brandies is on the end of the dining where the full stomach provides numberless function place for the alcohol content of the brandies. Their absorption slackens and being effective value (because of the other disintegrations) decreases. The consumer the wonderful fragrance and a flavour world may enjoy it beside the pleasant satiety, and digestion stimulant may use the alcohol as an implement.


Folk therapies

Pálinka may be used for curing in a diverse form externally and internally equally. The pálinka that leaks out first in the course of destillery (very strong, Hungarian: „front of copper”) is used for medical purposes:toothache, cold, rubbing. It cleans in some region the place of the dog- or a snake-bite with pálinka. Against aching eyes is suggested pálinka with white lilies. The pálinka poured onto the wound, on a fracture (as antiseptic stuff), is an old habit. According to folklore for the stomach-, elbow- and knee pains: March eggshell is broken into small pieces, put into not too good-quality-pálinka, and the patient has to drink half a litre. Against coughing and huskiness are suggested various forms of pálinkas and honey-pálinka. Against dizziness it is necessary to cook a slice fried bread in pálinka and to put it as a cold compress on the patient's forehead. The pálinka is good merely against the tall blood pressure. The pálinka with garlic is also a real magic potion.




„Friendship and Love – one and the other, with pálinka makes you healthy!”
Gábor Koncz