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Comic page – a few joke about pálinka

The guy says to his parrot:
-I go to the shop but if you drink my pálinka again I will tear your feathers out one-by-one!
He left, and when he’s back he sees the empty bottle. The parrot is sitting in the cage, tearing his own feather saying „who the hell needs this much feather...?”


In the restaurant the waiter brings the fish to the guest. After a few minutes the guest’s calling the waiter:
Excuse me, but this fish smells like pálinka!
The waiter takes a few steps behind and asks:
How about now, Sir?


The old Székely (Hungarian people of eastern Transylvania) is 100 years old, and a journalist interviews him.
Uncle János, please tell us a happy story of your life!
The old man starts:
It was about 80 years ago when my neighbour came around and said he could’n find his sheeps. Five of us immidiately started to search them and we took a bottle of pálinka with us. We were searching for them for a long time, drinking the pálinka and when we found the sheeps we rode all of them.
The journalist thinks it’s not the best story to tell in the magazine and asks the old man to tell another one.
And the old man starts again:
It was about 70 years ago when my neighbour came around and said he couldn’t find his wife. About five of us started to find her and we took a bottle of pálinka with us. We were searching her for a ling time and when we found her, all of us rode her. What a good time we had!
The journalist became very nervous because he knew it’s still not the proper story to tell. Then he said the old man:
Well, Uncle János, we should leave happy stories. How about sad stories? Isn’t there any sad story of your life the newspaper readers could learn from?
Uncle János’s brow darkened.
Well, it was about 50 years ago, when I lost my way in the forest....


Two alcoholic go away to camp. One them say:
I brought a bottle of pálinka with me. It’s good for disinfection in case If a rusty nail pricked us. And what did your bring with you?
Two rusty nails.


The couple have dinner in a chinese restaruant. After some glasses of sake and the dinner the husband asks the chef, joking:
I hope it wasn’t necessary to kill two stray kittens because of our dinner?
No Sir, I found them already dead.


A journalist visits the old Székely. He wants to write a good story for children.
Tell us your usual day, please!
-Well, my son, I wake in the morning, I eat a half side bacon and drink 4-5 pálinka...
-Oh, it’s not good, let’s say „I’m reading” – asks the reporter the old man
-So, may son, I wake up in the morning, eat a half side bacon and read 4-5 books. Then I work on the plough-land until my thirst for knowledge grows so much that I have to read 5-6 book again. From the much reading, I feel dizzy that I have to rest for a while. When I wake up I eat a big hand of pork with a loaf of bread. After the lunch I go to the library where my old pal Pista usually waits for me... We read about twelve books together until the library close, then we go to Józsi because he’s got a printing house!


The old Székely is asking for a short in the pub. A tipsy young couple in the background found out they play a trick on him and in a suitable moment they threw a viagra into his pálinka. The old mand drank it and after a while he went to the toilet. As he came back the couple see his trousers’s fully pissed.
They ask him what happened and the old mand answers: when I went out, I took it out, I saw it’s not mine so I took it back.

„Adjon Isten pálinkát, búzát, barackot, kurtatorkú malacot, csutoránknak feneket, hogy ihassunk eleget””
Gábor Koncz