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Data-protection governing principles

The participation in the services of the side is voluntary. To download the stuff which can be found in the press room and to register for our newsletter, registration necessary.

In case of a successful registration, later is enough to enter with your registrated e-mail-address and password (sent in the e-mail), since we can identify it with these authentically.

We intervene in the usage your dates according to the undermentioned measures:

You contribute at registration that we handle your personal and special dates. Granted all dates, information, a fact confidentially by way of you we shake hands. You can From you stored dates after login the site any time may inspect it, need may modify it on his case, or may delete his registration.

We make use of your dates for an other aim in case of his expressed written contribution only. Your dates it is entitled to this exclusively our colleagues may look into it. Your personal dates (including the title of the e-mail) we do not hand it over for third half.

We ensure it, that the use of the dates suit the at all times for effective Hungary measures. We do a measure which can be expected from us on all of them onto the safe keeping of the dates, but we do not vouche a responsibility for the dates being spoiled, if a breakdown, a natural disaster, terror in case of a crime for its destruction or falls into the wrong hands.

We do all measures which can be expected from us, that getting at our sides continuous and let him be faultless, but we do not vouche a responsibility for the mistakes occurring possibly, which the sides are, its inapposite function and/ if potential dates losing may be caused.

It granted a full responsibility for the usage of a password by way of us with a shoulder with his registration, third half does not outline it for him. We do not vouche a responsibility for harms, which occurred with the unauthorized usage of the password even with you, even opposite a third party, on it.

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