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Koncz Gábor undressed his guests


Budapest – with a special menu, a surprise guest, pálinka and pool waited for his guests the Kossuth-prize winner actor, who showed this time not only his bust to the viewers.

Gábor Koncz (70) whipped his sweater off for Brunner Márta mood already once in the TV-show „Fish on the cake”, but appeared in swimming trunks this time.


The mood warmed up rather at the end, we undressed with the boys at this time, and we were jumping into the pool. It was not possible to get the girls to the bathing unfortunately, they apologize that they didn’t have a swimsuit with. I told them that this occurred here another time already, and never meant a trouble – told it laughing at Blikk Koncz Gábor his experiences, who is supposed to be a fantastic host. At him is organized every week a big party….

The guest were pampered also this time: presented a goose-liver, which was rinsed with the pálinka named after him, that is his role („Dunai Hajós” „Boatman of Danube”), as a starter. So the basis mood was ready to continuation: to the wildpig-soup and the fawn-backbone, not talking about the pool party. The dessert was also not ordinary: to the vanilla dressing of the a soft sweet sponge cake made with curd and flavoured with vanilla and raisins, formed the host by own hand waterlilies of raspberry syrup, that his own flowers patterned.

– I brought the prescriptions from home, I had it written also on the menu card, that the foods were made based on my mother's prescriptions – told Gábor Koncz to the Blikk. – But in the spreading helps always my friend, the chef Rudi Görög helps. It was even a surprise guest of the party. The host's friend, the table-tennis player Rita Bátorfi’s father, István Bátorfi played on the violin at first in a mask for Rita Kőbán, because it cleared up, that the Olympic champion never received a serenade yet.


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„Life’s too short to drink bad pálinka.”
Gábor Koncz